Sunday, April 10, 2011

who are you actually???

i just got an e-mail from someone who i didn't know his exact background... 

just joined this site.And i think a lot of good peple abound here.I am here to find a soulmate......well we could start as friends though.One thing is for sure, that is i am not here for games.

I am attracted by the simplicity of your profile, i love all your stories that you wrote in your blog and i am interested in getting to know you.


i'm here to find a soulmate??? lol!! 
thanks for reading my blog and love my stories =D
i really appreciate it ^^ if you are a blogger, please drop your link or if not just give me any of your social network so that i can know you better...

p/s: i hope if you read this please tell me soon and or if not i will just ignore it =.=
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