Sunday, May 2, 2010

i'm 19 already....thanks for all the birthday wishes :)

hmmmmmmm...can't believe that i'm 19 already on 30 april...i'll enjoy my last teen with blast :)

love this cake soo much!!

this is the birthday cake that they bought for celebrating my birthday..seriously i never expect that they wanted to celebrate my birthday as 2 of my friends from uia came that evening..

actually, i have silat training class at cemara and this is the last session for this semester..but, they asked me to spend my time and enjoy my dinner with them...they were coming to met me and my friends, our ex-schoolmates,, i decided to skip the class and went to have my dinner at pak li kopitiam with them...on the next day,i got silat camp at nur lembah pangsun at hulu langat...

najwa and ieka said they went to bank first and asked anis and atie to go there with us...hurm,iza my housemates also asked me to  had a dinner outside although she already took her dinner...hurm,that was weird~

so,i just went there as usual...there were so many people there and we just managed to find a medium size round table but then we moved to a new,comfortable table that was big we were there for about 10 minutes,najwa and ieka came while bringing a birthday cake...i was shock and suprise when they said they wanted to celebrate my birthday..OMG,i'm touching...

after that,azmil,syahiran and fais came...i was very happy and for sure i'll make them upset if i joined the silat class...they sang birthday song and i have to blow the candles...actually,i felt that ieka and najwa forgot about my birthday because they did not wish my birthday even tough they will notice it once they check their status on fb...i gave ika a hint and said that i called nana,by best friend during school for about 2 hours...i said that  i got free call and she just smiled at me...u hurt me ika!!!!heehheehe....

i was a memorable experience and i'lll never foget this moment ever!!!!love it...i love when the people make me surprise~
atiqah and anis also bought me a slices of birthday cake from secret recipe,owh so sweet...i'm 19 already and this is my last teen ever!!

thanks everyone who wishes and pray for my health and got HIS blessings, wishes 'happy birthday' through fb, ym, skype,messages and face to face (love this one most!!!)...i have to act like an adult person and be more matured in my own way...there's no need to imitate or follow the western style or whatever...deep from my heart i wanna say 'thank you' everyone...i felt that they appreciated me when they said:-


p/s:got celcom birthday bonus and i can call and sms my 8pax friends for free this whole week!!!!yeay!!!! =)



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