Monday, January 2, 2012

Trip to Surabaya and Malang -petik jambu, epal dan taman bunga- (part 1)

Assalamualaikum buddies!!!

err, actually  i wanna update about a programme that i'd joined last week which is PERMAI (Perhimpunan Mahasiswa Islam Malaysia di Indonesia) that was held in Cibubur, Jakarta...the theme for that programme was 'Baitulmuslim' =D sounds interesting right??i'm gonna share with u guys in the next next post ^^

first of all i really don't know much about this trip bcoz it is really a last minute programme...actually i wanna spend my holiday with 'study', watch movies, resting etc..etc..but then, suddenly my naqibah told us that we had a programme at Surabaya which is hamka...frankly, i took such a long time to think about the trip because i'm running out of money... but then i believe that there must be something that i can get that might change my perception and opinions and i joined them!

 while waithing for the train, kak izni and farah  ^_^

 inside train..

we took a train to Surabaya at 7.30p.m at Gambir station- kereta api Indonesia (persero) and one of my friend are seperated far away from the other seniors and friends (terpisah gerabak je pon =P) btw, this is my first time on a long journey by train and i don't know the real situation...the condition is good, comfortable seats..errr did they really have pramugari/pramugara??

alhamdulillah, safely arrived at Surabaya :D

We took a bus to the akhawat's home, the students from IAIN Sunan Ampel...we took a bath there while waiting the second trip from Jakarta, but they went there by flight...oh yeah, my friend told me that there will be a football match between kelantan FC (The Red Warrior) WTF and Persebaya (Surabaya Football club)... i thought her father was just kidding, but then i saw a banner about the match! indonesian told me to watch it..haaha, nonsense! norshahrul idlan talaha, my favourite player was there!!!femes oke!

 at the mosque while waiting for the sister to fetch us..weee..the mosque are soo big and beautiful..

suddenly i remembered about our musolla which is so small and less that 15 peoples can fit in...hurm >_< *dah nama pun institut islam mestilah masjid besar, kita universitas kristian*

 the sisters, setting compas =D

 in front of masjid Cheng Ho..bukan cheng ho yang China tu, ini nama tokoh adalah muhammad Cheng Ho

then we continue our journey to Kusuma Agrowisata--> taman jambu, apple and flowers!!

 kami dibenarkan untuk memetik 3 biji buah jambu dan 3 biji epal..jom!!misi bermulaa :)

 pintu masuk Agro Wisata

 buah epal manalagi

 buah jambu :D

 pilih, jangan tak pilih..pilih yang terbaik ok! :)

lepas selesai ambil buah jambu dan epal yang terbaik kami pun ke taman bunga...sebenarnya kat tepi-tepi tu ada haiwan, ada je beberapa keping gambar binatang yang berjaya kan kebanyakannya di dalam pagar/cage..

apa motif gambar ni?

 kaktus ^_^

rose batik, so nice!

 yang ni pulak dinasor yang baru nak keluar dari telur, lawak pun ada tgk muka dia..hoho

rose pink (:

 tuan tanah mestilah ada!!hehe..dekat pokok jambu tadi

 binatang pun hadooo-replika jelah-

rasanya entry kali ni penuh dengan gambar je kan..but picture tells thousands words :D after we finish make a tour around fruits and flower farm, we got a glass of guava juice and apple waffle...the taste is not bad!

 wait for my next entry at bromo mountain..
really nice experiences
!till then    =D

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