Sunday, January 30, 2011

i'm a blood donor!!

after a few times i can't donate my blood because of some problem,finally i make it!!actually i don't have any health problem but i got some woks to do :(

 a few days before that,most of my friends already donated their blood but i can't make it because i had to finish my experiment alone in the biology lab..sobs..then,after class i went to great hall and took the form for donating blood,filled it and met the doctor to check for my blood pressure,blood type and weight

the form

i got this

my blood type is 0 same as both of my parents and i'm a universal donor!!hopefully that 300ml can help people who need it and i'm  so happy that i can help other people...even xbyk sangat,tp still boleh kan :)

 i had to wait for about an hour before i can donate my blood

some of blood donor xD

officially a blood donor..

after this i'll never hesitate to donate my blood again next does not hurt at all and maybe we can help others to survive :D

lepasbalikbilikterustidursebabletihsangat-sangatmungkinsebabdermadarah xD

p/s: janganlah takut-takut nak derma darah sebab tak sakit pun,sekurang-kurangnya adalah jugak bakti kita kann :D

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