Monday, January 3, 2011

my journey to shah's the final sem

i just finish unpacked all my stuff including my books and clothes..arh, i'm so tired..i'm here already,at shah alam and going to finish my last sem...

 i just had a terrible night as i took the wrong usual i bought ticket to shah alam but at the ticket,it printed kuala's not a problem because usually the bus will go to hentian putra,shah alam and klang but the last destination for my bus is kajang..

at the bustand,i kindly asked the driver to exchange my tickets with any passengers who wanna go to kl in the other bus...they just say that it's not their problem and actually i should complain this at the can i know that this is not the correct one???i already asked my father to buy ticket to shah alam but this is what i get...wthwthwthwth..

arggghh,why it's so hard  for them to help people like me..they actually had the list of the passengers and their destinations based on the seats..then i asked 5 of the passengers but all of them wanted to go to shah alam...i know that most of them are students who register their college today same as me...i met my old fren,but i can't talk much with her because i felt so stress, the bus wanna leaved my lovely terengganu, i went back to my own place with a frustrated was really beside emergency exit and suddenly i cried,why??what for??hmmm...lots of reason :p

it's not a problem for me to travel alone early in the morning from kl to shah alam but i had to carry 2 heavy big bags and walk from hentian bas putra to stesen ktm putra...the distance is not too far,but with those stones make me feel that i walk for thousand miles away...pfpfpfpfp..tired seh and i felt like fainted..

i took ktm,stop at kl central and then i exchange other train to shah alam..i just step the escalator down, the train reached and stop...i had to run down and i stepped into the last coach..alhamdulillah, i don't have to wait for a long time there.alone.

after a while,i realised that i was the only girl in the coach...all of them are men because there are a special coach for ladies in the middle..lantaklah!!luckily i did not wait for a long time for the taxi...alhamdulillah i'm here already :D

p/s: i got a love letter from the college because i did not make clearance for the last sem...sigh!
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