Saturday, January 15, 2011

biology field trip at FRIM

me and my friends from M9 and M10 went to FRIM(forest research institute of malaysia) to do experiment about species,quadrat sampling,soil particles,etc...this is my first time here =)

we were so unlucky because the canopy walk is closed due to some problem..i wanna try it!!
we started our journey by finding a suitable place to do our experiment as we need a quite big flat area with more plants and species..before that, the so-called tour guide showed some plants to us including their benefits and uses..most of the plants are new for me or even though i've already found it before but i still didn't know their names =p
the long plant is tongkat ali :)

the short one is kacip fatimah..
 why tongkat ali is long and kacip fatimah is short plants???maybe tongkat ali is for men and kacip fatimah is for women..heeeee =p
look at this,it looks like alephant right???
with the eye,proboscis and ivory:D

pokok kapur

jelutung,use to make pencil because it is light

tarzan plant,liyana..yiehaa :) 

some of my friends were doing quadrat sampling

it's like a short jungle trekking because we have to walk in the jungle to find the suitable place for our experiment..

after the experiment end,we took our lunch and perform solat zohor...some of my friends went to waterfall but i took that time to walk around FRIM and went to bookstore..
got some info about frim at infokios :)
i walked with her and stopped under a tree..we're gossiping..=p
she is one of my best friend in my class...she is a very good listener and always want me to tell any stories about anything..i like to tell stories and that's why we can be a good friend...=)

last pic before we went back!peace!!
we will finished the experiments in the lab and we just collected some soils from the was just a nice trip because i love jungle...let's preserve our nature,peace no war!!!

p/s: i'm going to do forensic investigation for my biology experiment unit 6...heeee,i'll update later..keep blogging yaww =)
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