Friday, January 14, 2011

it's exactly a year!!

i got no class today,yieeha!! =)
when i saw my calendar,i just realised that today was 14th january..that's mean it has been a year since i broke up with him and being single again..ngeeeeeee (^___^)
read this (poyo ckit)

it was just great as i can forget him already..alhamdulillah..
all my feelings toward him fades and disappear day by day...

he is not the one who i always thinking about for this time being..
my families and friends are just good enough for me
my education is the priority..xoxo

single is simple and i can choose my own pathway..
no puppy love anymore...

if i'm in love again.i'll make sure he is my soulmate..
the one who understand me well,my career,my family..
the one who can stand with my behaviour..

for the rest of my life..i'll be with u..ngeeeeeeee :)

tips nak lupakan seseorang??next post k =p

p/s:sape baik??nak duit poket??join jaa  sini

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