Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The city Unplugged concert and photo exhibition by Carla Rodriguez Varges

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!!

life has been so hectic and busy nowadays, fuhh!! i had a blogger friend from Peru (i did wrote about her here ) and she just ask a favour from me to write about this event in my blog... ok back to the business! ^^ 

Together with "The City Unplugged" 

On the day Tuesday, June 12, enjoy music and pictures of the Night Barranco "The City Unplugged" As part of the first year's music portal Chord City, the staff of this blog and, Sary director of Laguna Villalobos has organized "The City Unplugged" concert formula + photo exhibition. 

The concert will feature the participation of singers and local bands like "Natali Jimenez", "magali Luque" - "Johanna M." - "Catharsis" and "Toe Ra, special guest will be singer-songwriter, multi instrumentalist" Renzo Dali "which will present a preview of the next CD. New Band," Hood "and Artist Released:" Flower LOLI ". 

As a prelude to the concert, the audience can enjoy picture exhibition "Immortals" by photographer Carla Rodriguez Vargas, who said, "The exhibition is based on the image brings us to relive our past, where each of them, we will remember childhood Our children, a visit to the grandparents house on Sunday, summer games until 6 pm when our parents went to the door screaming ENTER NOW! and one said a minute! and still walk around. sample is based on moments our best immortalize " 

 Tuesday, June 12 at 9:00 pm at the Centro Cultural La Noche de Barranco: Av Bolognesi N º 307 - Barranco. Ticket sales (SALES PRE: S / Suns and 15 DAY EVENT. S / 20 Soles) in: 
SWEET POTATO SOUP: Arturo Aguilar No. 249, Vista Alegre - Santiago de Surco (H Block 45 Av Benavides, compared with wheat and the back FASA), and in Tatau Tatoo PERU: No. 184 Hope Street, 2nd Floor Interior 35-36 - Miraflores.

Carla    Rodriguez   Varga

About the Photographer

Carla    Rodriguez   Vargas,   Peru   by birth,   BA   in communication   and licensed   soon. In   23 years   2 months   finish   second   passion   Photography, which started   as a hobby,   but   gradually   be   interest. That  why 12   June,   will be known as   photographer   with response   year   first   blog   music consistent   city  support   scene   Five   band   garage   that   recognized   by the network. Exhibition   photography   entitled   The  Highlander   on   will   back in time,   not   forget   to   watch   games and   toy   we use   in   95 and now   has  lost, but   never   loss   the essence   in our hearts

one of her artwork

p/s: let's make friends ^^

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