Saturday, December 10, 2011

what is Tumblr???


actually i'm so moody yesterday with some problems happen :(

the result for critical thinking' already come out yesterday, somehow i don't really understand how can i get those far as i know all of the task are groupworks but why i got the lowest marks among my friends??this is so unfair...besides, i tried my best to involve in group discussion and i don't think that i did that bad -,-

i tried to call my lecturer to ask about that thing but i can't get his number...yeah, he is in the main campus while i'm at medical campus, ukrida campus i need to know whether he is in or not...i tried to call his office, but i end up with just wasting my credit..dermm...

onother thing is about drinking water...oh yes, for those who don't know i wanna tell u guys that we have to buy our own drinking water here...the water from tap are not so clean and can't be drink, oh well this is jakarta! a not so clean town..rubbish are everywhere, dusty and so dirty river..yeah??

ok i called the owner of the shop and asked him to send the water but he told me that he already come to our house twice but no one came out to get the water...then i promise to wait for him but i wanna perform my solat asar first...however, that person came when i was praying, OMG!!what should i do?? i thought he will wait for me but it's useless...i know he will be very mad as he already told me that please come out to get the water when he came..ok , it's my fault after all =.=

i wanna keep myself 'chillex = chill + relax ' by finding something interesting...then i found so many best pictures and quotes in was so nice, motivated and can make me smile (^_____^) like this! tumblr is just like other blog but the best part is we can reblog others!!we can share our own pictures, quotes etc and at the same time we can reblog others post that we think we like it ^^

i sign up a tumblr, i already have one but never post i just sign up and start to explore it!!ok it's really interesting and nice...i did download the apps in my beloved blackberry so that i can just share any quotes, text and pictures straight from my phone..this is my tumblr :) there's nothing interesting yes but i'll try to post anything that i wanna share, yes i love sharing so that's why i become a blogger xD

this is one of the picture that i got from other tumblr, i'm so sorry because i forgot the source of this photo.. anyway thanks the owner of this pic!!i just wanna keep my mind peace and i feel like going to somewhere in the world that no one know my cool is that??haaaha...

it happen already actually as there are only a few of my friends know my name...then, when we're divided into some groups no one in that group know my that time i can just told them to call me anything,wakakaka...that's why i got a new nama friends call me!! it has been a long time since i wanna ask my friend to call me siti but there's always people there who know my name and call me jaa or kat..oh well jaa is only for my family, close and online friends =,=

this is so not the answer for the title 'what is tumblr?' if there is someone google what is tumblr and that person found this, he or she will curse and say whatthehell is this post about??ok i know that i'm rambling about this and that without knowing what should i type actually..wallaooo...btw, i'm now a #tahitwitter means that i can't stop myself for not tweet anything in a day..there must be something that i wanna tweet..ekkkeeke...what are u waiting for??if u have twitter account, just follow me @jaa_kat  and lets tweet!! i love making friends and at this point i had so many new friends on twitter :p

i think that's all for now, i didn't post in english for a looooong time and the environment here make me forgot how to speak in english..ehh???haaha...i mean my grammar are getting worse from day to day as i'm not really use english in studies recently...this is so freaking weird!!! i don't really care about my grammar and i'm very sure there are so many mistakes...luckily i'm not gonna be an english teacher who need to write and speak proper english..haaha....

till then, salam ^^

p/s: good luck for those who are participating in Bandung Games!!Jakarta boleh!!eh -,-
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