Sunday, December 18, 2011

practicum biology Block 3 ( epithelial and muscle cell)


i just stepped one of my feet to the medical,heehe..actually, i just started to learn about biology thingy like biochemistry and practicum...the first two blocks is just an introduction of medical law and life as a doctor such as how to be empathy, how to be a good communicator and bioethics of doctors..

for this practicum, we need to observe the cells by using microscope and identify what cell is that..oh well, i'm not a good observer and always failed to identify the part of the cell, on what organ it is located and some facts about the cells...aku rasa ujian praktikum ni paling cuak (>_<)

during the practicum class, we need to observe the cell, find parts of the cells and their names...then, we have to draw the cells to make it clear and memorise even, i'm very bad in drawing..kehkeh =p oh yeah, before the class started, we need to answer 5 questions of quiz...

here got some pictures that i took by using my sony digital camera "D some of the pictures are taken by my friends ^^

 ini penyambung padat kolagen

otot lurik pada glotis

 pericardium and miocardium

 epitel transisional pada vesica urinaria

all the pictures are taken through microscope....hurm..

i think that's all for now, need to study for my next exam...wish me all the best!!
thanks sudi baca :*

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