Thursday, December 15, 2011

A night at the tallest chrismast tree with sparkling LED light at Central Park, Jakarta


merry chrismast and happy new year is coming!!! 2012 is coming!! and the most important one is HOLIDAY is coming soon!!!weeeeeeeeeee ^^

when we are talking about holiday, i'm wondering what should i do during the holiday instead of going to PERMAI and studying..hurm, i got a lot of exams after the holiday which are practicum, skill-lab  integrasi, what else are u thinking about?it's the time to study, ok lame -__-

actually i wanna tell u guys that last two days, i went to CP( central park) with my friend and we watched so chrismast performance and got opportunity to watch the tallest chrismast tree with sparkling LED light..yeah, Fyi, there's a park in the middle of the mall and it's very beautiful and nice first, i just thought it was just a normal LED light like in I-city, Shah Alam..oh yeah, i went there several times before ^^

let's just view the pictures!!

 ok this is the tallest chrismast tree

 nice view ^^

i'm just in lovee this the decorations and LED lights but i-city is better right??heehe =p ...somehow, this park looks different thatn before, without all these LED lights..

 i love the quotes :

please love me, don't step on me :) -Mr. & Mrs. Grass- 

grass also got feeling, don't want others step on what about us?? a normal human beings?hurm....

it's not only the lamps, actually i did watched music performance together with the sparkling LED light of the tallest chrismast tree.

thanks for reading :*
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