Tuesday, November 16, 2010

personal taste :D

i finished watch all of the 16 episode in two days..heeeeee

some synopsis: lee min ho act as jeo jin ho is a normal straight guy who pretended to be gay in order to get place in sanggojae..sanggojae is a mysterious house that never been open to the outsiders..
son ye jin,act as park gae in is the owner of the house...she is a furniture designer who is also a
daughter of famous architecture professor...her friend,kim hae in betrayed her and make love with her bf,chan ryul..

jin ho develops feeling for gae in and started to love her....a complicated love but i love it...jin ho is such a cool guy and can handle everything and even can make gae in father's accept him...

min ho,u are so handsome :D just love3 it..some of his pic that can make girls melt..hhahahahahha:-

no describe it yourself..muahahha

i'm going to watch playful kiss after this..yeay!
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