Saturday, November 6, 2010

old memories

i sleep again and again...haish,how can i finish all these books with tonnes of facts to memorise...i can't think too much and my head started to dizzy for this one whole day..i can't take it anymore...anyone please help me to read,plizzzzzz~

i went to study room to get a better condition as there were convenience place to study with air-conditioner but then i end up with sleeping...i just remembered my past, i didn't study much and just chatting with friends during 'prep'time but i still can score well in exam, i can be a tutor and teach my everything are different!! i studied much yet i still can't score in my exam...maybe there are something wrong somewhere and i really agree study during school are much much much enjoyable than in college...

i miss this time damn much and this pic is taken on my last day at smk.pelong ,when i was in form 4... i moved to a boarding school.. i think 5 of us in this pic moved to a new school either to SBP or MRSM...we just spent our time here less than a month during form 4..

my very best friends during school...we are always together wherever we go although we are all in different classes but we are very close...miss u all lar,can't wait to meet u guys again :) one of us took STPM this year and the other two is still pursuing her degree and diploma...we are all in different pathway after SPM~

one of my friend,dayah mms me this pic yesterday..yeah,love it!!! thankssss...good luck for your coming STPM at the end of this months...same thing goes to jannah and aida,good luck for your final exam...don't forget to pray for me too..FRIENDS FOREVER (^_^)

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