Friday, July 9, 2010

minggu mesra siswa 2010

alhamdulillah....minggu mesra siswa 2010 is over!!!although it was very tiring because i had to wake up so early in the morning and slept late at night,but i had fun enough..we did a lot of activities such as LDK(latihan dalam kumpulan),speeches and so many games...i got to know many new friends among the PM's and juniors from the different programmes such as AUSMAT,ADFP,ALG,RUSSIAN,ALUK and not to forget my own programme,ALM =)

the experiences of being a pm was really great because i had to handle the new students,lead the group and make them interested with what i did..we played a lot of 'game sakit hati' and the showed the unsatisfied face to me...that was really exciting because we forced them to think beyond the normal..sometimes,the answer is really easy but they just didn'y notice it..i felt the same thing when i was a junior and played the same game..

during the mms,we got no big problem but i had to face some small problem because i had to handle the AUSMAT i'm from ALM programme,i just had a few information about their programme...they asked me about their subjects,their head of programme,their classes and many more...i just did my best and told them about whatever i knew..the others they can personally asked their seniors and lecturers..

the students had some performances on the last night of mms...all of the pm also sang 2 songs which is 'kau ilhamku' and 'kenangan terindah'...we were touches and some of were in tears >.<

these are the pm mms team 2010-u all r the best!!!!!!

i had soooo much fun with pm mms team 2010...i'm going to start my new sem next week...arh,so lazy..
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