Friday, October 21, 2011

Dinner at Food Library


do u love reading???eating??or both..weeeee, i wanna introduce a restaurant in which u can enjoy so many deliciuos foods while reading =p oppps, just kidding!!!  THE FOOD LIBRARY, the name itself has nothing to do with library and we will not found any books there..somehow,we can enjoy our foods and usually there are singer who will be perfoming on stage at night =D

the restaurant...yes, if u can see there are two person on the stage who were perfoming ^_^ 

 the books look real :)

 library restaurant!

so how??interesting right!! the price is reasonable and many kind of foods available such as bakso, nasi goreng, mee and what not :P

 this resturant is situated in mallciputra, Jakarta Barat, at level 5..

this mall is just 15 minutes from my place and i'm so in love with this place when i was here for the first time...the design, condition and situation make me feel like i was in library...frankly, i love library =p

some of the foods available here (^_^)

p/s: just watch this video.. i like it =D

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