Sunday, October 23, 2011

two years already!! Happy anniversary sayang :D


masuk hari ini genaplah dua tahun hubungan aku dengan si dia...aku mengenali si dia pada 23/10/2009 di sebuah perpustakaan sementara menunggu rakanku membuat kerja...akibat bosan, aku mula mencari sesuatu untuk mengisi masa aku waktu itu...aku sayang dia sangat-sangat...kalau tak jumpa sehari mesti dah rindu..weeee :D

Joining with you in celebrating
another year in love....

Happy Anniversary

 lovely blog is now already two years...hee, the reason why i put this daisypath counter in my blog is remind the age of my can see it at my sidebar...after two years blogging, i got so many experiences and friends... i learnt a lot from other blogs as well as other bloggers..

i just wanna share some of the header that i ever used before.....

this is my very first header...
the url is different and i only used paint..hahaha =p

zaman gila sweet =p 
malu bila tengok balik..sigh!

then, i edited this picture...hahaha

full with gadjets right??ohhh, newbie..

ok, i changed the url already..simpler and easier!

i like this one very much!!!
i edited it by myself =D

fakhrul edited this one!!thanks :)

my friend sponsored this header

flash header...i edited this...heeehe

and finally this one!! i won a contest by woot-woot which is 'contest blog tercantik' and i got free blog template design from alieff...i love this one very much as it has my twitter status there!!

ohhh..that's all for tonight!!take care (^_^)

P/S: what do you think about all my headers??

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