Friday, July 1, 2011

study table, notes and softboard =.=


i snap some pictures of my notes on softboard and study table..
i know i'm gonna miss all of this..
boleh jadikan kenangan =D


 math's formulae...need to memorise all of these =.=

 organic compound mind map..helps me a lot!!!

 reaction of benzene...lots of them came out in the last papers

 periodic table, help me during my revision =D

 how far and how fast topic, looks easy but the questions can trap us!!

 calendar with pics of my groupmates for the whole two years here

 sem 4 time table

 specific response-biology-

 these are my stationary..

 as i stayed alone, i change the arrangement of the table and bed
this is my room

 official study table..haaaaaha...
i put the orange labels so that i can easily spot the books that i want..

ok that's it!!!

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