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There are some status update at facebook and twitter about #savemaryam from my fellow friends before, however i really don't know what does it means and not really bother about it until yesterday one of my friend share this video...MasyaAllah...this thing happen around me as i studies at Indonesia and to be exact; Jakarta, a town of entertainment which people could easily forget about themselves...i might not be too late because most of my friends also don't know about this programme, so here i wanna share this video and i hope you guys would watch this video first to understand what does 'save Maryam' means...

Approximately 2 million people in Indonesia leave Islam for Christianity every year.

Why is this the case? Why are people not satisfied with Islam? Why are they willing to abandon Allah?

Join us in our mission to save a generation of Indonesians and help us bring Islam back into their lives. Spread the word. Save Maryam

Astaghfirullahal'aziim....Lets pray for Islam, for ummah and bring Islam back!!!let's working!! i'm glad to be here, in the largest muslim country in the world yet this thing
actually happen day by day... however, if i go to any bookstore there are a lot of bible or 
they call it 'Al-kitab' and christian's a lot!!there are so many church around and it's like a normal phenomenon.. oh i'm talking about Jakarta....

As i studies in a christian university and most of my friends are christian, i know what they believe because we always share our opinions and everyday they will recite prayers before we start our lesson...before this i just heard about it but now i know a lot about them, about their believe and religion...they love what they do and always spread their love through messages and bbm to all of their friends..i always get the messages yet i just read and deleted it, most of the time i never read and just delete it...

if they can do like that, why not us??why not we spread the love letters from Allah??the hadits and tazkirah through messages or bbm like them??oh yeahh, nowadays people always use facebook or twitter and i believe that we can do this...if all of us can get together, hand in hand, spread the love of ISLAM i believe our ikhwah and akhawat will be stronger and the story like this teenagers convert to Christianity can be stopped :D


Join us in our mission to save a generation of Indonesians and help us bring Islam back into their lives. Spread the word. Save Maryam.

Jazakumullahukhair for reading this...spread.donate :D

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