Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fun with D1


yesterday, all the class has been cancelled, however we need to go to campus to submit our skill lab report...we waited for hours but she still didn't come -______-

then, we gotta big plan!!!let's eat outside campus!! :D

 the girls!!!

 wink!!we're still waiting for the foods >__<

 me and josephine...wink!

the girls went out to eat and the boys were still there, waited for our lecturer..hum!!then, she told us that she will be there because we need to submit our report and need to meet her for attendance and signature...

 amanda, meily, melisa, kevin and bio

 the, someone is!

then we took a lot of pics while waiting for her to come..but it's useless!!!we end up by laughing and keep talking..some of them played basketball as there are basketball court near the lecturer's room :)

we decided to just put our report on her table and wrote a note...

 in the, meily the happy-go-lucky girl! :)

my groupmates..heeee

oh, they are all indonesian and i'm happy to make friends with them...although i'm still learning on how to speak indonesian language fluently, they will always teach me...haaaha, sometimes the just laugh at me if i say something that could be considered funny for them..pathetic -___- heee...

the most #takbolehblah  part for yesterday, when all of us just reached our home, one of my friend BBM us and said "the lecturer are here and asked us to meet her" wth??we waited there for hours already...some of us  already on their way to campus and finally she just simply said..i'm cheating!!lol!!!the truth is, our lecturer were not coming >__<

p/s: i pass my TOEFL exam..yeay!!!no need to attend english class anymore :)

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