Friday, April 23, 2010

my name is khan...M.N.I.K best!!

Time flies so fast…today, I finished my lesson for this 2nd sem…huh,can’t believe it!!!i think that I just came and enrolled here ..

Today, I woke up extremely late!!it was 7.50 and my class started at 8..OMG!!haish,I was late again and again and again..
In a wink of eyes,I took my towel, took a simple bath and went to class…what a miserable day, I didn’t drink or eat anything….luckily,2 of my classmate, nik and morgan was also late…I met them in the bus..iza and I woke up really late maybe because we slept very late last night…

We watched my name is khan, a bollywood movie with the handsome hero and pretty heroin…I love shah rukh khan and kajol so much!!!they were really talented and I like to watch their acting…the same feeling when I watched the hot movie "kuch kuch hota heii" and "kabhi kushi kabhi gum"(i also watch bollywood movie okeh)…

This story is about a muslim man, rizwan khan(SRK) who has asperger's syndrome stays with his mom and his only little brother…after his lil bro become a successful person,he support rizwan and his mother to stay at san francisco with there,rizwan  got married with a hindu woman named mandira(KAJOL)…there are a lot of happy,funny,sad and many feelings with interesting character.I love the part when he said


This phrase is like a tagline and almost of the people uses it…he wanted to met mr.president America and state that words…finally,he achieve his dream and all of the people can accept him although he had been accused as a terrorist..
Let’s watch this movie with your families, friends and beloved one during this weekend .. I’m sure that you’ll enjoy it

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