Friday, April 9, 2010

....thanks a lot my friends....

i just came back from my friend's house to send her shoes and magazines that i borrowed last two weeks..after that,we had a conversation including about our studies,friends,gossips and our past time  stories...there were sweet and sad memories and seriously i miss them damn much!!!

her room is at entrance 4 while mine is at entrance 6...although we stay in the same block,but it's hard for us to meet each other everyday....we are also from different class and i just accidentally met her on my way to toilet or to,it's the time for us to talk and gossip about everything...huhuhu,actually,we are from the same school and dorm as i stayed at hostel during my secondary school...this makes us very close to each other and i feel free to tell her anything,thanks a lot ieka, u are one of my besties :)

actually,tomorrow i'm going to sunway pyramid with one of my classmate,anis to enjoy ourselves...ika wanna going too,but she got class tomorrow...all of my classes for has been cancelled,for bio lab we make it today and for english we already finish our speaking,tomorrow is the time to enjoy!!!wakakakakka,am i right???huh,nope actually,i still got chem and maths test next week and the final exam is just around the corner..

before i went to my friend's room, someone said "hai the blog's writer" on my fb chat...i was shocked and felt weird...who is that???he is actually a teacher and he said that he always read my post although he didn't like to read any blogs before...he also said that he will be very dissapointed if i didn't update my blog and don't have any new post...he will read my blog everyday and know about my journey to be a doctor..well,i'm a student and got a lot of things to do and sometimes i can't manage my time to write any post or having blogwalking..

there are nothing much that i wanna write's all about friends either from reality or fantasy...friends are the most important person in our life after our parents,so that life is meaningless without friends...thanks everyone for being my friends and i hope that our friendship will last forever...<3

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