Sunday, April 11, 2010

the meaning of a friendship....miss my friends a lot!!

friends are the most important person in our life after family.i'm sure all of us have friends either from different gender,races,country or virtual friends from chatting or social networking(fb,ym,skype,blogger,etc).... we may have a lot of friends but no best friend at all or just have some friends and best friends...which one is better???

huh,i don't know why should i think about this...i have a lot of friends as i have two primary schools and three secondary schools. i have a very good,excellent friend who talks like a politician or successful person,friends who never get opportunities to go to school, friends to do 'stupid' things, friends to share triumph and disaster, friends who are really annoying,friends from'mat rempit',friends to study(*wink),friends for loitering,shopping...tomboy or very girlish friends....friends there are a lot and i even can't describe it..i can be their friends and for sure i have to change my character to mix with them...i'm flexible,sometimes i can be a very polite girl and sometimes it change...depends on the place and friends~

i think about this thing before but suddenly it  come across in my mind....yes,i know that if we go to different places,i will have different friends with different character...but,why should we forget about our old friends???our friend from we are still childish,don't know how to speaks properly,don't know what is love,can't think about the unexpected things or etc...

we can have so many friends,but there are many kind of friends such as friend of same school,in same clubs,met at camp or just common's the common thing if we can easily forget our friends from this categories because we just know them for a while as we are just normal human beings who are very forgetful...

the weird thing is when we forget our best friend during school...huh,that was too hard to forget our friend who was always with us in our past times,did activities together,laugh together,share the same hobbies,interest,gossips about others,happy together,cried together,broke the rule together,eat in same plate,share the same glass,share the same bed....ohhh,that's too much to be stated secret among us and even can feel so lonely without her/him...maybe gf or bf,huh!!

i'm sure some of us don't have bff like this,but it was really nice moment if we have this experience...some of people prefer not to believe their friends totally and like to be alone...some of them like to be friends with everyone without any bff,but for me,my personal opinion we should have at least one bff who understand us much and can always be with us either in triumph and disaster~

suddenly i thought about my friends...miss you so much,please don't behave like childish and i love our friendship so's hard for me to lose a friend like you and please remember our sweets and bitter moments together...although you already have your own choice,please just remember me,the one who ever become your best friends...please,don't forget about your friends especially the one who you are really close to before although you already have a gf/ least,show that you never forget them such as send e-mel once a month,text message,use social network such as facebook and wish their birthday......friendship forever!!!!!

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