Saturday, April 10, 2010

it was a tiring day

one of my classmate,anis asked me whether i know how to go to sunway pyramid by public transport or not...for sure i know,i already went there for several times before...then,she said she wanted to watch  movie and release her stress at sunway and asked me to accompany her as she never go there,never be on KTM or mini she just stay at selangor,she just go anywhere with her family by lucky she is,i always use public transport to go anywhere since i was from school..

we took a taxi to ktm shah alam and continue our journey on mini bus to sunway...she said that she can't believe that she was there with me and just took public transport to go there...but,it's the reality..hehehe..then,we walked around and camwhore together,that was the most memorable thing..we took a lot of pics but the picture was still with her...i will upload it once i got the pic,it was nice..then,we had our lunch at carl's junior,the best fries and burger ever!!!!i love this place damn much!

we also went to some boutique and shops to have window shopping together,huh for sure there was a lot of beautiful clothes,shoes and accessories...we just walked and i didn't buy anything,all the things look nice but i can't afford to buy it yet...maybe one after i got my own salary....can't wait!!!!!ngeh3~

we watched clash of the titans,it was a great movie with a lot of fighting parts...the funniest thing happen when i walked up and down to find my seat as the condition surround was dark....we took seat number L8 and L7,but i accidentally become  blur and can't even memorise the sequence of alphabets..wakakakakakka,it sounds funny right??but the thing was happen to me...what else can i do??go back to kindergarten!!!!! :P

anis and i went back to shah alam at 6pm and that was the time for workers to go back home...huh,the KTM was full like hell and i almost can't enter it...i was the last person steeped into ktm and i stood and leaned on the door...i thought ridiculously  if the door suddenly open and i will...........huh,that was the normal situation especially during the climax of the front of me,there was an indian couple who hug and kiss each other in the ktm...i can accept if they hug each other to prevent them from falling down as there were no place for them to hold and lean on...but,please behave in the public place with a lot of people...luckily shah alam is not too far and i can breath normally after several minutes in the train,huh i'm alive!!!!

as soon as i reached my akasia,my friend said there was no water supply since this afternoon because they wanted to do renovation works at another block..huh,i got silat class tonigh,how come????there was a pail of water in the toilet and i can use it to had my wuduk....then, i dried my body under the fan and went to silat class as usual...don't ask me either i took a bath or not!!!!!!!it was miserable the notice,they said that we will had water supply problem started from 8a.m until 2 pm...what happen now?????

as i got 'ijazah potong' for silat this wednesday,we got to finish all the 'buah' for jatuh...'buah' means the  sequences and synchronization of action in silat and we had to take it from our coach...we got 10'buah' last night and it was very hurt and was quite hard for me to complete the task and action in a 'buah' that i get because my partner is taller,bigger and stronger than me..huh, actually i had a partner who just as small as me but she is quite thin than me....she was not really interested in silat and don't want to pursue and join this martial art coach understand my problem and he said i got that advantages as we can't expect who will fight with us and our enemy might be bigger than,i take it in a positive way and just do my best :)

one of my friend slept in my room because all of her housemates was not in...two of them went to sarawak for a trip under JPKCA INTEC and one of them went back to her i stayed alone in my room,she asked me to sleep in my room last night...there were nothing much,but i was happy to had an outing with anis and silat was very tiring,but i enjoyed it so much...hopefully today was better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better than today:D
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