Wednesday, September 28, 2011

my new life begins :D

Assalamualaikum .....

alhamdulillah, finally i can update this blog at my very own room and laptop...this is one of the way that i can express my feelings and share with others..well, everyone are busy with study, assignments, bla..bla...pak cik baru je pasang internet semalam, laju wohh... i like it =D 

i'm a medical student now, frankly i never though that i'll be here....everything happen for reason right, Allah knows the best!! i'm gonna start my new life with new friends and environments...

 fakultas kedokteran =D

 my snell jas, need to wear it everyday especially during PBL and skill-lab

my study table..

 i never have any yellow stuff befire this and usually that will be the last colour that i'll choose...however, the owner of this house provide me with this yellow bed sheet...bout now i already changed it to pink =p

 my room...not bad la for 650 000,rp per month...about RM 250

 drinking water...

 look interesting right!! a normal jug with heater..

 our house, all malaysian girls are here...2 of us already moved to other rooms due to some problems..then,m there are 9 of us are here with the maid..nak kata maid pun bolehla sebab keje dia cuci baju kitorang dan bersihkan rumah...

 pemandangan dari luar..

snap my own pic >_<

that's all for this time!!insyallah i can update this blog everyday after this...i learnt a lot of new words from my indonesian friends, they are nice friends!! i think i can easily make new friends :D

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