Sunday, May 29, 2011

movie review: Dead silence


this movie was released on 2007 and i just finished watched this movie this morning and wanna share with you guys ^_^


some summary about this movie:

Mary Shaw was a popular entertainer until she was accused of murdering a young boy. Subsequently hunted and captured by the vengeful townspeople, Mary's tongue was cut out before she was mercilessly killed and committed to the earth in the company of her handmade collection of vaudeville dolls. In the years that followed, the town seemed to be haunted by those ghastly puppets. After mysteriously disappearing from Mary's grave, the menacing figurines would sometimes be glimpsed by the damned in the dead of night -their appearance consistently foreshadowing the death of whoever laid eyes upon them
most of the poeple can remember this poem..

Beware the stare of Mary Shaw,
She has no children, only dolls.
If you see her in your dreams,
Be sure you never, ever scream,

marry shaw will kill people for revenge and take their tongue..all of the victims died without tongue with open mouth..that was very scary as i watched this alone and i keep my mouth shut..haaaahaha,sounds quite funny, but that's it!!!if people scream, they will open their mouth and mary shaw can easily take the tongue out, together with the voice..heeeee..

The casts :-

That's all for now, this is a must watch movie although i was outdated already..heeee..

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