Saturday, May 7, 2011

women with jackets...look damn nice!!!

Salam semua^^

i love to see girls with jackets, they look so cool and i wanna share some of the pictures with you guys..let's have a look =D

damn cool!

more relax

 this one looks like blazer and quite formal

 military it!

 nice =D
can wear anytime..just mix and match them!


one of my favourite <3
damn nice!she looks so confident with that jacket! 

i love this one too!

 i don't prefer this one..

 looks nice but not my taste

weeee, i bought a new jacket at midvalley ;D

i bought this jacket!!love it much!!
*just ignore my blurr expression in the fitting room,erk!

with my friend ^^
i tried with another dress..just focus on the jacket..xoxo

i'm still having some kind of curiosity to buy stuff online because of my previous experience...finally i found this jacket after a long time do survey on some of blogshop..wink2 ;D

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