Thursday, October 28, 2010

final exam is just around the corner

two more weeks left before final..haish,it's the end of sem 3 already...time flies so fast and i felt that i just came and enrolled myself here, at sem will be my last sem for a-level..still can't believe it!!

there are a lot of this to cover,tonnes of facts to memorise..i felt that i don't have enough time to make revision for all the subjects as i have to revise everything that i learnt start from sem 1..there are so many things in the course and i  can't cover everything  yet there are just some of it will be asked in exam..hoho..let's study this chart,interesting right?? "D

hopefully all the things in exam are all the things that i already make revision and studied although i know the questions are mostly not merely about theory, it needs application..

for all my friends,readers..just get ready for the final and start your revision now!!
(REMIND MYSELF)..wish u all the best and don't forget topray for me guys...thanks :D
i have to focus
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