Friday, October 22, 2010

hello2 crickets :D

i just finished my last biology experiment for this sem today...we just wanna observe the rate of oxygen uptake in respiration of the crickets..yeah!!we played with crickets yet i felt sympathize to them as we had to use them for our experiment...

the valves to connect u-tube to the boiling tube
set up of the whole apparatus...there were four crickets in the wire gauze

these are the dead crickets..poor them!!(ethical issue..heee)

this one is almost die..starved of oxygen and fight for survival

on my hands..heee,geli2~

after experiment, we released all of them at a tree

the crickets look very happy after we released them outside on the was really fun when we enjoy doing something and as i said before, biology is fun except the exam part :p
ok,time to finish bio report now! :D

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