Thursday, October 7, 2010

komodo dragon produces husband?????

wow!!!!!!a very big komodo dragon..haha..

komodo dragon produces husband???
it sounds interesting right????haha...
this is the first time i heard that an animal produces husband...
it was common to animal actually.....but this is the special one!!!!
i just learnt about
parthenogenesis during my bio class

what is it??????
parthenogenesis is an asexual reproduction found in females which unfertilized
eggs develops into new individual without fertilisation by a male..

as human, komodo dragon also has sex-determination chromosome..
but it uses zw chromosomes..
male(zz)female(zw)and inviable(ww)

do u want to know how it produces husband??????
actually,the female komodo that undergo parthenogenesis will
only produces male(zz) and inviable(ww) offspring

so...there's no female komodo dragon produces....
here we go!!!!!!!
after the male komodo dragon grow,it will have sexual reproduction
with their own 'mum' in order to produce male+and female young...

that's how the mother produces husband...lolz....
my lecturer said that.....
parthenogenesis give an advantage to adaptation and colonisation of isolated island...
so,it will survive and prevent extinction....

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