Sunday, October 3, 2010

IELTS speaking exam is over :)

after 3 days i didn't blogging and facebooking,i felt that i lose something..i'm done with my speaking ielts exam and now i felt so happy because there's no need to think about the exam interviewer is so nice and friendly...

for part one,she asked me about myself,my hometown,my favourite foods during childhood until now,foods,mobile phones,etc...there are a lot of questions and i just simply answer based on my experiences :)

for part two,i had to talk about my favourite tv/radio presenter..for sure i choose aznil nawawi because i like his character and he can always communicate with all kind of people-children,teenagers and adults...there are a lot of things to say but i just had two minutes for this part~

part 3 are also about tv presenter,reporter and news presenter...the advantages and disadvantages of being a public figure,differences in communications and many more..

i can't elaborate too much because she always keep asking the new question..i think i speak non-stop except the time when she gave me one minutes to jot down my ideas~

after that,i took 'branch' and bought tickets to kuantan..i'm going to UMP this weekend on friday to attend my bro's convocation...hopefully everything will be ok :)
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