Thursday, September 30, 2010

i got a pinky gift =)

i went to syeksyen 2 with anis to collect my books at a shop there right after chemistry lab..wah,i like today's experiment because we had to deal with the colourful transition elements and its reaction after reacting with sodium hydroxide,ammonia,etc.. it produced different colour :pink,blue,green,purple and many more!!
can u tell me what are their names??
my new collection...

after this, i will have overall 6 books to be studied+lecture notes+past year questions+exercises+bio report...urm,how to manage my time..see,i'm still blogging although i haven't finish my bio report to be submitted tomorrow and after this i had a meeting..hmmmm~

actually i just want to show a gift that i got just now..just wanna show off..wink2
so cute right??
i just sign up for cimb click and i got this special prize...that's it!!!got to go,chilll ya :))

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