Friday, August 27, 2010

time square...again and again

i just finish my IELTS trial exam this afternoon at started at 2 continuously from speaking,reading and comment on the test???huh,quite challenging (~_~)..for listening, i lost some parts of the questions because i did not pay full of my attention on the numbers and haish..for reading,the question is quite tough and i always do not have enough time for this part..there are three passages to read and lots of question to answer...lastly, i think writing is better although i got problem with my pencil...hmmm,i just did my best and hopefully i can score..amiin...i got the result for my speaking already,alhamdulillah..there's a little bit improving and i hope it will be better for the actual one!

after the test, ika and i were rushing to time square because she wanted to take her laptop at the acer centre.. the centre will be closed at 7.30 pm...without wasting so much time,we immediately took a cab after solat asar and we were always lucky as the ktm and monorail did not have any problem today..there were not much people on the train..thank GOD!

actually i already went there with the other two friends, rosid n najwa on the last saturday to send the i went there two times just in a's a new record for me as i'm really rare to go out especially to lazy ~

we already there before 7pm and after we took the laptop,we went to food court to break our fast..i chose nasi kandar today.. =)  after that, we walked around it and noticed that there were a lot of bags,shoes and clothes there with reasonable prices...some of them are really cheap as it got some sales..perhaps for this coming hari raya...i just bought a new shawl..weeee~

after that,we went back and reached akasia at about 11pm and had some drinks at ar-rafi was really a tiring journey as i just stood along the journey in the train and walked around time square for several hours...

1 hour later, ika text me and said that her laptop was still can't be used as the screen was all black and some words appear"please check your cable connection"..what the hell is that??hmmm...i know nothing about computer programming or's a kind of irritating as she need to go back to the centre to ask about it was really tiring and i was sympathised with got some problem with the hard disc...she wanna go there again tomorrow,alone....

it was our fault because we did not check the computer first before left the centre...the thing is,it's a quite far away from shah alam and we did sacrifice our times,energy and money to go there...besides that, i got three test on the next week and i can't really enjoy my holiday..i had to work hard and realized starts from if ika send her lappy tomorrow, she need to go there again to collect it..arh,does it worth much???

we need laptop to do our assignments,projects,reports and to search some articles regarding our's quite hard if we did not have it...that's why ika need it much and had to sacrifice in order to repair it as it was still in the warranty periods..if not, she had to pay a lot to repair it...
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