Wednesday, August 11, 2010

so busy,please manage your time wisely

just got some motivation from my chemistry lecturer...she said that we have to work hard in order to get flying colors results..A2 is really challenging compared to AS...for these time around, i got so many works to do..tomorrow i got statistic quiz and i have to submit my bio report..i'm not finish yet!

then,next we i have trial for speaking ielts,math test and scientic article biology test...there so many things to do and i still have time to enjoy...OMG!!!please ja,u have to change..i have to be more serious and just focus on my study...i don't want to regret at the end like the last semester...

as today is the first ramadhan,i wanna wish happy fasting month to all muslim..ahlan wasahlan ya ramahdan(^_^)

p/s:xsabar nak balik kampung raya ni..dah beli tiket semalam =)
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