Friday, March 12, 2010

how to remove the negative cynics??????

holiday comes again!!!!!!

mid-sem holiday already come,got one week holiday....starting from tomorrow i got no class because the bio lab and IELTS class have been's a good news for everyone especially for the person like me....actually,i planned to go back to my hometown at Terengganu and met my lovely family...but,suddenly i thought that i got a lot of works to do during this holiday...i haven't finish my biology issue report,unit 3 yet!!!OMG...that was terrible~

this report need to be submitted before final exam and it's not just a common report like i had done before...this report need to be sent to edexcel centre at UK and our marks will be counted together with a-level exam next year...furthermore,our lecturers are not allowed to see and comment our works...we can just ask and get if we have problem with the, i made a decision to stay here with my housemates and other friends...hopefully i could use my time wisely during this holiday~

how about the negative cynics???actually during the 'silat leadership camp' i had promise to remove all the negative cynics or obstacles that can prevent me to succeed.i had think it deeply and i found that my life nowadays are very different from the previous..i had a deeper conversation with my friend and told her everything that i felt...some of them are:-  

i always do last minute work...for example,tomorrow i have to submit bio report,then tonight i will finish it all...the same thing goes for test or exam,i always think that i still have enough time to make revision,study and understand everything before the exams...change this first,finish my works earlier!!!!! 

i feel that there are a lot of things to remember and      think....sometimes, i learn a new topic and do not understand it....if i'm not in mood, i just copy the notes and don't force myself to understand it....owh,i'm so bad..during the school i always ask my teacher or friend if i don't understand about my studies...try to behave like my previous time!!!! 

i always waste my time!!!!change the statement,time is life instead of time is gold...we can still buy the gold,but life is everything...i admit that i always waste my time with chatting,facebook-ing,watching movies,'s just a waste of time and money... 

take the things easy....sometimes,i just take for granted about certain subject especially math and statistic...just focus more on chemistry and biology...for sure my performance in maths are better and i always got almost full marks for that subject,but for topic test one,it was really lousy...make it balance for all subject!!! 

most of the people said that i'm a quiet person...isn't???how do i know???last sem my lecturer asked each and everyone of my classmate wrote the things that they thought about us....surprisingly,more than 5 person said that i'm a quiet person...i'm very proud at first because i really want to be a quiet person during my school time but i never achieve that...i'm such a loudspeaker person in my class during school...i want to be more energetic and active in class!!!!

actually there's a lot of negative cynics....i just list the main things..hopefully,i can improve myself and change to a better person...during the camp,i made a promise and at the same time,i tore the paper...i had thrown half of it and still keeping the other half....

i made the promise together with my buddy in front of my friends and facilitator....the promise were in malay version:-


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