Saturday, March 20, 2010

my favourite surfing spot

surfing internet is a daily routine for me and i feel that my day is not complete if i do not check my facebook and blog status for a a student,i have to attend classes,complete the assignments,attend the meeting or activities,etc...but, i will try my best to surf internet even for several minutes..:)

there are a lot of places that we can go just to surf the beginning of last sem,i did not buy p1wimax yet and the free college wireless was very lousy...i had to wait for a long time to load each page and it blocked some social web such as facebook,my favourite was really annoying right????

so i had to go to computer lab as it was just near my college or i went to library to surf internet after class..besides that,i always bring my laptop to mcD,bought a burger and cold water to surf internet there!!sometimes,i didn't realise that i was there for about 3 hours (^_^)

a few months after that,my housemates and i agreed to buy the fastest broadband internet service,p1wimax and shared among, i can surf internet just in my room anytime that i want in a fast need to go to computer lab,mcd or wait for a long time to load i can update my fb and blog everyday without worries~

it looks cool right???

But now, P1 W1MAX has a tiny Portable Modem Wiggy which promises with speed up to 10MBPs!! It is designed in a small size so we can bring it to anywhere and can surf internet anywhere that P1 W1MAX has coverage. there's no need to worry about streaming problem and just stay happy on  the net.

  Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS
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