Monday, March 29, 2010

my first day wearing contact lens...

i was thinking about this for a few years ago...when i was in form 5, i had once ask my mum about my wish to wear contact lens...but my mum said,it's not good and i might get infection if i can't take a good care of it...besides that,i stayed at hostel and had to follow all the rules such as light off at night,went for 'riadah' and,my intention just disappear and flies by time~

a few months ago,my aunt started to wear contact lens and i once again asked my mum about this...she said it's ok if you can take care of it and don't forget to take it off before sleep...huh,my mum gave me the 'green light' already...i was so happy, but at that time i just bought a new frameless purple , i just wore it until yesterday,it broke already...sobs..sobs... :(

i went to ole2 with my housemates to buy a new contact lens..i never tried it before and it was quite tough to put it on for the first a newbie,they showed me the correct way and finally i managed to put it on and take it off although my tears was coming out...hahahaha...that's funny right???then,after a few times trial i can handle it takes time for me and i think it comforts me well...(^_^)

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