Sunday, June 20, 2010

just a few days

from day to day,time flies so fast....hurm,i just got a few days to spend my time at terengganu...i'm going to pursue my studies at intec for sem 3...arh, i think that i just leave sem 2 a few days ago..what had i done in these holiday??

today is father's day...HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO ALL FATHERS IN THE,daddy,papa,abah,ayah and many more...the fathers has sacrifice a lot since we were small until now..our father had looked after us,gave us money,foods,loves and to repay back??? their loves can't be paid by money or everything...what we can do is just take care of them when they are our loves and attention to they will feel appreciated....

ok,change the cup at sourth africa!!!who do u think will win this year???i'm a big fan of england...but england seem just satisfies neither win nor lose...huh, just wait and see what will happen in the next game...hopefully then can continue to second round until final..hehehehe...

i got to go...wanna get some foods coz i didn't take my lunch yet!!!
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