Wednesday, September 9, 2015



Alhamdulillah. time flies so fast, it's already third week in neurology department.

lots and lots of new things i have learnt. everyday i meet disability patients and old people..i already saw many neurology cases like stroke, trauma capitis, headache, subdural hematom, epidural hematom many more.

this is my fourth department and are different compare to other department. for this time, i stay in my own house in tanjung duren, so there's no need to pay the rent for another room...somehow i need to go to hospital by bus and of course fighting with traffic jam everyday...hahaa...this is Jakarta!!!

oh yaa, why do i put LOST as the title for this post?

First i lost my purse when i was on the way to hospital by bus, usually i never bring purse to hospital, i just bring some money enough to buy some foods and bus ticket. but who knows, i was unlucky that day...someone open my bag without i realise it when i wanna took off from bus :(

Second, one of the patient that i follow up everyday has died last night :( he was suffering from stroke and cannot move both of his legs. he can move both of his hands but it was very weak. he tried very hard to eat on his own and he cannot do anything much as he can only move and 'feel' the upper part of his body. when i asked him where are his children, he said his son will come after works for few hours and go back home..nobody really took care of him at the hospital, i still remember he asked me did his son come and bring the result of ct-scan? can u call my son?

hmmm...i feels like crying to see him like that and no one really care about him :(  he is also suffering from laryngitis and suspect prostate cancer as it was very hard for him to speak and he has husky suspect him died because of bleeding after operation...

the photo of me and that pak cik. my friend took this photo when i was busy asking him how did he feel today? have u eat today? bla...bla...bla...

third, we lost our mummy! one of the neurologist here, the head of the neurology department will not be teaching us again. it has been a great three weeks with her, she never get angry with us like other people say.. for me, she is such a kind doctor and she just want us to be disciplined :) she will become a wakil director in a new hospital..

what are another lost?

hmmm everyday we lost precious time...the time is more expensive than a gold, oh ya time is priceless...we can never turn back time, so yaaa..use this time wisely, do good things, help another people and as in return Allah will ease our way, insya Allah...

neurology department
banyak mengajar aku erti bersyukur...

till then ;)

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