Wednesday, March 25, 2015

kepaniteraan dasar day 1-3


new phase started!

i'm in clinical years. Alhamdulillah i had survive three years and half in medical school. another one and half year to go insya Allah..i wish i can grab many experiences during my clinical years in different department and hospital soon.

oh ya today is my third day PADAS or we call it kepaniteraan dasar in my campus. padas is one month preparation  before all of us started our rotation in different hospital. the doctors review skills lab, important topics and teach us on how to write a good report. the bad thing about padas is we need to go to campus at 7.30 am every morning and went back home at 4.00 eventhough there's no class or tutorial, sabar jelaa >_<' maybe they wanna train us the life in hospital, keep on waiting and waiting...hahaa..

in the previous year, they had an official event called yudisium to confirm that we already finish our s.ked (sarjana kedokteran) in the first day. so in the next day they can already wear the white coat. however, that programme will be held tomorrow for us. after that event, we are officially have sarjana kedokteran and the people usually call ko-ass a.k.a dokter muda indonesia. not officially a doctor yet, after we finish clinical year, sit for exit exam and having hippocroatic oath then we are officially a doctor.

a doctor with her white coat and stethoscope. trademark of a doctor, eheh :D

we had briefieng yesterday, overall during this clinical years we need to complete 5 major and 6 minor departments. the major departments are surgery, internal medicine, surgery and obstetric gynecology. for minor departments we need to complete radiology, EnT, opthalmology, neurology, psychiatry, forensic and finallt IKM (ilmu kesehatan masyarakat). during padas, we need to go to FMC (family medical centre) at Sentul to experience the life as a co-ass there, we need to jaga malam and jaga pagi, went to emergency department and visits the patients in the ward and complete report about the patients.

clinical years are different with pre-clinical years. i hope i can be a good student because i love practical things so much instead of just sitting and listening to the lecturers. i love hands on experiences and yeah wish me all the best ya! 

oh yaaa...just wanna mention that during padas programme we will have osce (head to toe examination) and theorical exam, completed 4 reports for major department, journal and finally some homeworks given by the doctors.

today is the third day i join #ODOA one day one ayat with another 15 friends. we have our own whatsapp group and everyday we will update how many ayat we had memorize. one ayat is compulsory but the more the merrier! eheh!my target is to finish memorizing juzu' 30 this year insya Allah. may Allah ease :) takpelah lambat, tapi ada progress, mudah mudahan ^^

till then, i wish i can update this blog more often and write more interesting stories when i start my rotation in hospital soon, insya Allah.  

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