Saturday, January 2, 2016

3D De Mata Trick eye museum, yogyakarta

Assalamualaikum and hai :)

Another place that you guys shouldn't miss when visit Yogyakarta is this 3D De Mata Trick art museum!!!bawaklah kamera yang cantik dan gaya ambik gambar pun kena betul, because it's a trick...nak gambar nampak betul2 real gaya ambik gambar pun kena betul dan juga gaya pose..hehe...i just wanna share some of our photos there ^^

tuan puteri melihat ikan-ikan di kolam :)

dimasak idop-idop -,-

don't kill me pleaseeee

tembok besar cina. one of seven wonders of the world

kalau aku kayaaaa....i have lots of money! ^^

haaaa..jalan2 shopping sini, jalan malioboro

hot air balloon..heee

yeah! kick it!

acah-acah model fesyen show

happiness in the air

nature...wisata alam.

rest for a while

there's many more places to take photos, it's about 100++
here also got de arca in which you can take photo with 'patung lilin'. they looks real though.

you can snap photo with popular people in the world like albert einstein, jackie chan and many more.
okeyy, that's all for today.

wait for my update soon ^^
thanks for reading

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